Block Therapy (FREE for students)
Alumni, Staff and Students
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Tuesday, November 28 at 4:15PM to Tuesday, November 28 at 5:00PM
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Notre Dame
2055 Notre Dame Ave. Winnipeg
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Fitness classes are FREE for students! Open to staff, alumni and the community To register visit rrc.ca/athletics In a Block Therapy class the individual lies on a therapeutic tool called the Block Buddy (supplied) for a minimum of three minutes in various positions throughout the body. Wood is used as the therapeutic tool because, unlike artificial materials like foam or plastic, it shares similar density to bone. With gravity and body weight, the Block Buddy is able to sink deeply into the tissue all the way to the bone. This pressure brings increased blood and oxygen into the area warming the connective tissue and “melting” the powerful seal between the layers of unhealthy restrictions. The student is taught to use diaphragmatic breathing to bring into the body up to 600% more oxygen. This combination of increased oxygen, the freeing of adhesions, proper posture and alignment can bring so much relaxation to the body. The class is all done lying down on a yoga mat and we stay in each position for 3 minutes working in different areas or the body each week. Anyone that has pain, headaches, depression, anxiety, or digestive issues can really benefit by these classes. Blocks and yoga mats are supplied for all of the classes.
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